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Hagstone Journal of Occult Arts

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Official Call For Submissions: Hagstone Journal of Occult Arts

“Any occultist who claims to have secrets is a fake. All wisdom is an open book to those who would read it.”

Letter from Robert Cochrane to Joe Wilson, 1966

Hagstone is critical, contemporary, alive.

Hagstone is magic without bullshit.

For more information about Hagstone and our ethos, please read our About page.


Hagstone Journal of Occult Arts welcomes submissions from all practitioners of magic and witchcraft for our inaugural issue. The theme for this volume is ‘Beginning,’ to mark our entrance into the world. The theme is not meant to be stifling, but freeing – please feel free to interpret the word in any way you wish.

We are interested in both deeply personal pieces about one’s own magical practice, as well as more scholarly essays which rely heavily on theory. And if your work falls somewhere in between – that’s okay too! All voices have a place in Hagstone. Please note that below where the word ‘witchcraft’ is used, ‘magic’ can easily replace it. We welcome submissions from non-European forms of witchcraft, magic, and energy work, which may use a different name. We are not currently submitting visual works, poetry, or fiction. 

Here’s a list of topics we find to be super interesting. We’d love to hear your take on anything listed below. However, this list is far from exhaustive! If it’s not listed, we’d still likely love to hear about it. What would you like to see? If you can help make this list better and more inclusive, don’t hesitate to email us at or send us an ask.

  • queer/non-binary/trans* issues in witchcraft and/or paganism
  • dis/ability issues in witchcraft and/or paganism
  • personal & experiential witchcraft
  • witchcraft as mediumship
  • spirit contact/mediumship
  • group/solitary witchcraft
  • witchcraft in praxis: method, technique, etc
  • non-pagan witchcraft
  • non-Eurocentric witchcraft
  • witchcraft & hetero/cis-normativity
  • atheistic witchcraft
  • issues of representation within witchcraft and/or paganism
  • syncretism in witchcraft
  • alternate forms of magical practice
  • the intersections between religion and magic

For more information on how to submit, please click here for our How To Submit page.  

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